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Flavored Raw Wildflower Creamed Honey

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As many of you know, REAL honey will always turn solid. This reversible natural process known as crystallization makes gritty honey that can be unappealing to some. If you like the firmer consistency with a smooth texture & mild taste, this is the answer! Creamed honey is made with a tedious process involving time & temperature. Because of the nature of variant honey taste, color, firmness, & texture can vary slightly from batch to batch. It's uses are so versatile & much cleaner for the kids! It will stay "solid" FOREVER as long as not exposed to greater than room temperature environments. Sounds great right? Now close your eyes & imagine that unique goodness FLAVORED! Easily spreadable on toast, bagels, English Muffins but dissolves the same as liquid honey in warm drinks or food like oatmeal. AMAZING on apples or other fruits or with peanut butter. Top your salmon or grilled chicken with Lemon. Great for cooking due to the slower melt point and consistency....the options are endless or just eat it with a spoon! All flavors are 100% natural freeze dried fruits sourced from a Wisconsin based company! Each hex glass jar is shrink wrapped for safety and adorned with Oasis Bee Company signature bow.  Small sizes available, making sampling and gifting so easy!


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